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It is possible to use video games to learn English and we don’t just mean educational games.

Here are 4 video games recommendations at 4 difficulty levels that will help you with your English skills.

1. Start small with arcade games (Really Easy)

If you are playing something simple that is action and reaction based without much text, still get into the habit of setting the language to English when possible.

This won’t improve your language quickly but the occasional word or phrase in English will help you become more comfortable hearing and reading the language. You will not become fluent like this, but it is an easy first step to take.

2. Build basic and useful vocabulary with The Sims (Easy)

All of the Sims games are digital dollhouses and center on building a little virtual family life. As a result, you will very quickly learn useful day-to-day vocabulary. This includes household items and furniture, family relationships, activities and job types.

However, you will not get used to hearing spoken English, as the Sims themselves speak their own language to each other!

3. Venture online to practice English with others in any online-based game (Medium)

Any MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game will encourage interaction between different players. Even if you are not up to the task of directly communicating with your fellow players, you can still observe how other people are talking to each other.

There are a lot of online games out there now, that you can play for free. Practice your English skills with people from all over the world

4. Dive into deep stories with anything by Telltale Games (Hard)

If you really want to test your English, just about anything by Telltale Games is an excellent choice.

Telltale Games produce very story-focused games with a lot of dialogue and decision making. They are often tense, highly engaging, and the time pressure you are put under to make decisions will force you to see what happens when you make choices. This will help you quickly learn the meaning of things you might be uncertain about.

You should probably play these in your own language first if that’s an option because they are generally interesting games and you would not want to spoil them for yourself!

Now that you have practiced your English skills more than enough, you are ready to be part of our family.

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