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Some are crazy and outgoing, some are geeky and reserved, some may be hipsters, others have artistic vibes, and yet others possess adventurous souls! People’s personalities, likes and dislikes in your family can be as varied as there are stars in the universe. Right?! It’s in this diversity where you grow as a wholesome person, where beauty resides! With more than 10 solid years of experience leading the contact center industry in Nicaragua, we like to consider ourselves—Sitel—a big, diverse family where we learn from each another!

Do you want to learn why we are family in Sitel? Here’s why…

Sitel is a mosaic of different cultures, beliefs, behaviors, origins and preferences. We are multicultural, multi ethnic, we are nearly 3,000 collaborators in Nicaragua, with different experiences and points of views.

Sitel Family stays strong. We don’t fade out. We as a whole represent a shelter and a conducive environment for people’s dreams and ideas to come to fruition! While our associates come here to apply as individuals, they eventually form everlasting friendships & relationships. Our floors are full of fellowship—our supervisors become our counselors, and sometimes even our co-workers become our children’s godparents!

Sitel Family is empowering. Our associates are here not just to attend calls or reply e-mails; they are lucky to breathe positivity in a work environment that helps them get on their feet and grow, enhancing their capabilities and their skills. As family, we build a career path with our people; we strive to support them and cheer them up along the way, in spite of any adverse situations that may arise. Some of the achievements we as a family enjoy witnessing include, for example, when an associate purchases a house or a car, and when he/she grows within our company, becoming a Coach, a Manager, or even a Director!

Last, but not least, Sitel Family is approachable. We are proud to say that we are passionate about being inclusive, collaborative, inspiring, reachable and helpful. Whether we are associates, coaches, quality analysts, or managers, we will always greet you with a smile on our face and we will listen intently to your voice.

When you think of a contact center, you probably think about this routine: go to work, receive calls and/or send emails, go back home and that’s it. While some of it is true, here at Sitel we have the commitment to redefine and transform this mindset and boost our associate’s experience. We are not just customer-care associates; we are family. We are customer-obsessed, we seek innovation, we have fun, we help create unique experiences and we inspire our people to over-deliver, daring them to excel.

Now that you get the whole picture of us, what are you waiting for to be part of our big family? Come and apply with us and make that dream come true! Visit us at Km. 4.5 Carretera Sur, Antigua Embajada Americana, and don’t forget to bring your CV and cédula with you.

We’d love to have you as part of our Sitel family! #SitelLife #SitelNicaragua #SitelFamilyIs

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