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By Jennifer Morales

As an intercultural and diverse family, there are always challenges that we need to face. Teamwork is one of our most important values and that is why learning how to work together in a friendly and a respectful environment is a must. The great news is that we count with it at Sitel!

In this blog you will be able to see how people from different places, with different hobbies, nationalities, ages and interest have been able to adapt thanks to our People First culture.

Meet Ersel,

He is a 28 years old who was born and raised in Chicago. With a major in Music Composition and Business Administration, he had a really good life in the States. However, he felt that something was missing in his life.

On a trip to Nicaragua to visit his family, he met the love of his life. He got married and he started a family. When he decided to move he was happy, but at the same time it was a really big challenge since he needed to get used to a whole new culture, different habits, different people and also to find a stable job to start his career path in the country.

He heard about Sitel everywhere and got really good feedback about the company. Even though it was something totally different from what he was doing before. He knew that at Sitel he was going to get the much needed stability to support his family.

One year later he can say that Sitel was his best decision:

“There is not that unhealthy competitiveness that I was used to in my previous jobs. My current teammates are more proper and they are more willing to help and to build me up, knowing that is not just about them, but is about everyone as a whole”.

Ersel has had the chance to learn about different rolls within the company and he mentioned his challenges:

“Your challenge is to be creative when you work for Sitel. As a musician, creativity is something that I love doing, it’s part of me! When I started working here, I learned how to channel that creative side for something that is constructive”.

Ersel is very passionate about his job and he has a great future within the company.

Another amazing example of how Sitel is very welcoming with everyone is


She is originally from the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua. She shared her story with us:

“I had different types of businesses in Pearl Lagoon, from a Computing School to a clothing store, but I was very young and I didn’t know how to handle things. When you have your own business you need to know what you’re doing. I lacked experience back then and I had to close all my businesses. This forced me to move to Managua”.

Making this decision was not easy for her, nor for her children, but she also mentioned how she overcame this transitioning stage:

“The environment in Managua is completely different, but I didn’t have the time to think about it. As a single mom, I could only think about how to support my kids. A lot of people started mentioning Sitel as the best place to work and for all the positive feedback I got, this was the very first place I decided to go to”.

She started her journey at Sitel in our Sales account. She got the opportunity to learn a lot. Even though this was her very first call center experience, it was very easy for her to adapt since everyone was very welcoming, willing to teach her and to make her feel as a family.

After 4 year of being in the company and with all the experience she has gathered until now, she is working on opening her own business once again. She is very proud to say that thanks to all her effort and the help that she has received at Sitel she can support her daughter’s dreams of becoming a doctor.

We love to support our associates’ dreams and goals. Just like Ersel and Loveth’s, we have plenty other stories that prove that at Sitel everything is possible if you work hard to get it.


Remember that the opportunities won’t come by themselves, you need to create them. Start creating yours by applying at Sitel!

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