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Changes are part of life and they are never easy; the world is changing and we must be willing to adapt to new challenges and traditions. We know technology is becoming a key element in every single business nowadays; but what about your personal brand? How can you market your skills in this new era?

On this blog, you will be able to learn the most important tips in order to succeed in your next virtual interview and get the opportunity of a life time.

1. First impressions matter.

Remember that, as experts say, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression,” and everything counts. Let´s start at your application process:

  • Your resume: At the moment you send your CV, you must take in to consideration that this is like your personal business card. Take your time to create a well-organized, informative document that has a good design and looks nice.
    – It is important that you include all the details related to your personal information (name, phone number, email address, home address, etc.), as well as your academic and professional background.
    – What happens if I don’t have experience? you may wonder. In these cases, you can also write a small paragraph about you including the skills you have that will let the company know you are the perfect candidate for the position.
    – Having a very efficient and effective resume will help the company know a lot about your skills, your talent, your creativity, and what you can offer the company. In most English-speaking countries, a 1-page resume is the standard.
  • Online Application: Take your time to fill out all the information requested on the online application and make sure that everything is correct. Remember that this is how the company will get in touch with you and it is the first step on your career path.
  • Stay alert: A phone call or an email could come any day. If you have an active application process, you should be hearing from the company very soon. You may be surprised by the amount of people that have lost a great opportunity because they didn’t pick up the phone or forgot to check their email. That won’t happen to you now!

2. Prepare your mindset

Keeping your cool throughout a hiring process is hard, but something that will help build your confidence is having knowledge about the company where you want to work. This way, you will know what to expect and how to provide great answers with a very good structure.

Aside from that, you must have a positive mindset; you need to believe in yourself in order for others to also believe in you. Remember that you have potential; it’s just a matter of showing it.

3. Prepare yourself

There are two types of virtual interviews: phone call interviews, and video conference interviews. You must be ready for both, just make sure you:

  • Know how to answer your phone: As we mentioned earlier, first impressions matter, so try to have a good tone of voice that shows how professional you are and how excited you feel about joining the company.
  • Choose the right outfit: If it is a video conference call, you should select a really good outfit that makes you look good and professional, but most importantly, that makes you feel confident and comfortable.
  • Set up the right environment: For both scenarios, it is important that you select a place where you can focus on the conversation with no distractions so you can have a good and fluent conversation.
  • Test your Internet: It is important to have great communication during the whole interview, so make sure your internet is working properly. If you have any inconvenience, let the recruiter know so you can fix the issue and finish your interview successfully.

4. Succeed at your interview

You may think this is the hardest part of the process, but it gets easier once you are there, you just need to:

  • Be yourself: If you don’t know what to say, try to talk about the things you like and the things that you feel passion about; you can always try showing how your hobbies have allowed you to learn skills that will help you deliver a good performance at work.
  • Monitor your body language: If you are in a video conference call, make sure you are sitting properly, use your hands and try to look happy and confident.
  • Be remarkable: Have you heard the phrase, “it’s a one-in-a-million opportunity”? You can be the one! Make sure that you use attention-catching phrases that will show how well you organize your answers and that you really prepared for the interview.

Don’t wait any longer! Set yourself up for success today and remember that you have the potential and we have the opportunities! Apply now!


Jennifer Morales

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