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Maintain the proper functioning of the storage, safekeeping and delivery of materials necessary for the proper functioning of the company.


  • Carry out the daily review of the dispatch and income invoices that have been pending from the previous day.
  • Coordinate with the assistants the dispatch of daily orders.
  • Enter daily inputs and outputs of products in the systems.
  • Make the distributions of the product through trucks and ensure that the returns are completed.
  • Review product inventory daily to report product shortages or excesses to the Procurement department.
  • Supervise that the product rotation is carried out and maintain the current inventory.
  • Enter product changes or returns in the system and pass the information to the Costs and Inventory department.
  • Prepare the organization and cleaning plan of the warehouse, with the participation of the team and departments involved.
  • Responsible for the supervision and development of the team in charge.
  • Issue weekly and monthly reports of product movements as well as carry out the monthly count of the physical inventory.
  • Coordinate with the Procurement department, new orders and schedule the new inventory material entry.
  • Prepare reports of inventory controls, inputs and outputs of product.
  • Assist warehouse colleagues in the event of an employee replacement or due to the increase of the workload.
  • Carry out training for new members of the team.


Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Accounting, Industrial Engineering or similar.


2-4 years of experience in similar roles.


  • Knowledge of warehouse and storage systems is essential.
  • Intermediate use of Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Leadership to lead the team assigned.
  • Good at working with numbers.
  • Knowledge of Cost management and Logistics.

 Language Requirement: Intermediate – Advanced English

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