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If you’re about to start your first job or are considering shifting gears into a whole new industry, we’re sure this entry will spark your interest… Because falling in love with your job is possible at SITEL!

Here are some pretty cool benefits SITEL can give you to boost your motivation and make you fall in love with your job along the way:

  1. An amazing Discounts Program

SITEL is by far Nicaragua’s largest call center company. With its associates’ well being at the top of its priorities, SITEL is constantly looking to obtain the best discounts possible in a wide array of select businesses. This is all part of our Super Badge Program or SBP—from restaurants, clothing stores and education institutes, to gyms, cinemas and other entertainment venues of interest to our collaborators. Discounts may range from 5% to even 40% in some instances! These discounts really make a difference in your pocket by the end of the month!

We are committed to helping you stretch your money. This is why we’ve invested in developing the SBP mobile app, so you can easily take advantage of the discounts that are available to you as an active Sitel associate—even if for some reason you’re not carrying your badge at the moment. It’s as easy as scanning the unique QR code of the cube laying at the store’s counter, and there you have it! You can now enjoy your discount! Not only that… the SBP app also lets you know of any time-specific offers from our various business partners, as well as upcoming events and challenges at your site. J

Wanna learn more about our SBP and the SBP app? Just make sure to drop by the Marketing Office over at the Recruitment & Training Building at Embassy, and our team will be happy to assist you!

  1. Career Growth Opportunities

Who doesn’t want to grow as a professional? One of the main motivational factors that influence employee morale is how a company facilitates career growth opportunities, and SITEL proudly fosters this philosophy. That’s right… here at SITEL, some 95% of staff positions are held by associates who have been promoted internally.

SITEL associates have the opportunity to be considered for higher staff positions either by nominating themselves for specific job openings, or by competing to join what we call the “Track Trainee” (TT) program. This program is an apprenticeship model by which the selected candidates can show their potential and commitment while getting to understand the ins and outs of their appointed job roles. Upon successful completion of the TT program, associates will have acquired new skills and abilities that make them attractive candidates for potential promotions. So we encourage you to keep doing your best and demonstrate your talent! In SITEL, your commitment and talent won’t go unnoticed!

  1. Motivational Activities

As part of our values, we encourage our associates to give their best while having fun and building strong friendships along the way. This is why we roll out fun motivational challenges year-round as part of our efforts to keep you happy. Our different accounts constantly come up with creative ways to show you how much we care about you, through games and activities that reward best performers’ accomplishments. Prizes are really attractive, as they can go from movie tickets and supermarket coupons, all the way to US$500 gift certificates, TV sets and laptops. So the stakes are very high and competition gets fierce!

One of SITEL’s most recent activities to keep everybody engaged was the Scavenger Hunt on St. Valentine’s Day. This activity consisted of a variety of prizes hidden all over our Embassy site—prizes which our associates had to find only by following some very tricky clues. The activity lasted all day and prizes were on point for St. Valentine’s, including gift certificates for fancy dinners, flower bouquets and beauty spas. Very cool gifts to receive on such a special occasion!

With so many of these activities happening all year long, you will see why SITEL is the leading call center in Nicaragua.

We spend a significant amount of our time at work, so we want to make sure your work environment is as enjoyable and attractive as possible.

Come and apply with us so you too can obtain the many benefits SITEL offers its full time collaborators! Visit us at Km. 4.5 Carretera Sur, Antigua Embajada Americana, and don’t forget to bring your CV and cédula with you. We’d love to have you as part of our SITEL family!

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