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Because time = Money, we have the best choice for you while you wait for your new, ideal Job at Sitel.

Cash Your Time is Sitel’s new dynamic were you can easily earn money while waiting to be hired for a NEW CAMPAIGN. Here are some of the rules to be eligible to get the Bonus:

  • Candidates who apply in Dec 2018 and are hired for a new campaign at Sitel in 2019 will be given $100 for each month they waited to get hired.
  • The maximum amount to be paid will be a total of $300, even if the waiting time exceeds 3 months.
  • Candidates must place “Cash your Time” on their application form for the bonus to be valid. Any other publicity will forfeit the bonus.
  • Cash your time and our internal referral program is mutually exclusive. Meaning that it is either one or the other. In case the candidate mentions both, he/she will need to choose one of them. In the case of our internal referral program, all rules apply.
  • If candidate is hired for any other existing accounts (non-new campaigns), the bonus will NOT be paid.
  • Applications start counting from December 24th and onward.
  • The waiting time will start to count once the candidate completes the interview and testing process, and brings in ALL required documentation.
  • Completing the interview process and bringing in documentation does NOT guarantee a job offer from Sitel.
  • Sitel Nicaragua is not liable for a candidate waiting any amount of time and not receiving a job offer.
  • Qualifying for one of our tenured campaigns does NOT guarantees qualifying for a new account.
  • Experience, background, level of English and test results are some of the parameters taken into consideration in order to qualify for a new campaign.
  • Former employees are certainly eligible.


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