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By: Jennifer Morales.


As you may know, we are not just a company in which you come, you work and then you go home, just to start another boring routine all over again, more than that, we are a big family from different cultures, in which we have a lot of fun in so many creative ways.

Proof of that are the amazing activities that we plan for our associates such as Halloween!!!

While Halloween may not be originally from Nicaragua; our clients’ country celebrate it and we love to express our creativity and teamwork by capturing its spooky feeling. This is one of our favorite times of the year because we are able to disguise, decorate, build memories with our teammates and of course, eat fantastic food. In this blog we are going to review the top 4 things that we enjoy the most during Halloween season:

  • Decoration

It is amazing and emotional how you walk through our operation floors and get to witness our associates and supervisors decorating their aisles. While taking a phone call or during break or lunch time, you get to see an associate cutting some props, another one hanging a sign and another one painting a “La Llorona” face on a paper. Our associates explode their innovation by using recycled articles and non-expensive hangers as well.  The process is sometimes a little mess and it is hard to step in your station at times but the result is wonderful and the feeling of belonging to a family is even bigger once the whole aisle is completely decorated.


  • Food

We love to eat at Sitel and Halloween is not an exception. During this time, our operations managers delight our associates with fairy cupcakes, cookies in shape of pumpkins, lots of candies and creepy pizzas. It is a time where our inner child comes out and we just love to feed it!

  • Contest

One of our most exciting activities is the Halloween Contest where our associates dress up as their favorite character. We have plenty styles and tastes; so you can spot an associate disguised as bloody Sweeney Todd, another as animated Ariel the Mermaid and some cutes outfits as Alice in Wonderland. Nonetheless, we also blend Nicaraguan culture and you can admire some associates dressed as La Carreta Nagua, El Punche Dorado and the wonderful Coronel Arrechavala. All of our associates participate in a raffle for the winning place and the winner is chosen based on: presentation, personality, camera appealing and similarities to the actual disguise.

  • Costumes

And for those who don’t like to participate in the contest, they can still come with their fantastic costumes. We also have our management and support staff showing off their skills to impress! We love costumes and our social media audience loves it too.


Stay tuned for this year’s creeeeeeeepy SITEL Halloween and remember, if you want to live this environment instead of reading about it; apply at and get hired! See you soon little monsters!


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